Google+ Chock full of the latest content released on the official Ragnarok Online servers, our server is operated under the premise that our community member's time is valuable. From the moment you sign in you will be bombarded with kind welcomes from other community members, and will embark on an experience not found anywhere else.

Many of us have grown up alongside the game, and simply don't have the time or desire to spend countless hours mindlessly grinding levels or hunting cards and gears. Many of the players of our Ragnarok Online server are full-time college students, workers, and professionals and as such, we aim to provide a laid back environment in which Ragnarok Online can be enjoyed in a casual setting with friends the world over.

CasualRO is operated on the Hercules Emulation Software, uses full Renewal mechanics and Third Job classes, runs on equipment with ample bandwidth to ensure a lag-free experience for US/CA based players, and employs connection speeds with minimal latency for European and Asian community members.

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cRO At a glance..

  • Max Level : 175/60
  • Server Type : Renewal, Hercules
  • Rates : 50x/50x/25x
  • Customs : Enabled
  • Donations : Cosmetic & Leveling, Cash Points available in-game!